9 years of waiting for Air Jordan comeback! Another pair of “Playoffs” AJ is coming!

In recent years, Air Jordan Brand has replica many classic shoes. With good price performance and emotional blessing, it has won the love of many shoe fans.

Among them, the “Playoffs” Air Jordan 12, which returned after 10 years, brought players a lot of surprises. At present, most of the men’s sizes are lower than the original price, which is quite close to the people.

Recently, it is reported that the Air Jordan 8 “Playoffs” will be replica for sale next year.

    Previously, the “Playoffs” Air Jordan 8 was re-released in 2013 and returned after a long absence, making old players wait for a long time.

    The most special design of Air Jordan 8 is the X-shaped strap of the shoe body, which strengthens the stability of the upper. Because of its unique shape, it is also called rabbit ears by many people.

    The overall use of black as the main tone, embellished with white No. 23 details, and the heel part is decorated with graffiti elements, adding artistic color.

    The material is covered with a large area of suede, and the tongue is made of towel fleece, which brings an irresistible texture.

    The irregular pattern of the outsole, with red, blue and yellow beating colors, makes this pair of classic shoes look quite energetic.


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