8 pairs of full-textured AJ genuine, good-looking and inexpensive, most suitable for student parties!

With the development of the trend, sneakers have also been given more alternative values that do not belong to it, and everyone’s attention is basically placed on the shoes under the brand’s deliberate marketing, ignoring many shoes with higher texture and more worthy of starting. Sneakers, especially the original Air Jordan. Today, the editor brings you 8 pairs of AJ’s full of texture, good-looking and not expensive, most suitable for the student party to start!

The distorted Jumpman logo on the heel of this pair of shoes still made people laugh for a long time, but then again, the price of the original Jordan Brand has not increased much for nearly two decades, and at the moment of inflation, Nike can only The balance is achieved by cutting corners, and the secondary market currently does not have too crazy pre-sale, it is still worth starting.

The pearl fish material on the shoe body replaces the usual patent leather, and with the golden details embellishment, it presents a luxury-like texture and luxurious temperament, and the maximum size for women is also up to 44.5 at any time. More and more women are exclusive, more and more perfunctory OG re-engraving. It can be said to be the most appropriate summary of the Air Jordan 11 at the moment.

The black and green upper is made of high-quality leather, and the Jumpman, leopard eyes and outsole on the tongue are decorated with fluorescent colors.

The Nike air jordan 13 altitude basketball shoes “Black Cat” color matching has a low-key and stable black body, embellished with green, and the collision of the two colors has a prominent visual effect. It is one of the most sincere Air Jordan 13s in recent years, no worries!

The upper is made of luxurious crocodile grain leather that can only be seen in custom shoes in the past, and it is matched with white lychee leather that can also highlight the texture to create a luxurious and elegant shape.

This WMNS version for women is basically the same as the men’s in both shoe type and configuration, and it will not change much like the GS. Girls who like AJ13 must not miss this color matching.

The overall shape uses elegant and gorgeous purple as the main tone, and still uses high-quality high-quality leather to wrap the shoe body. Finish with a dust bag and shoe box printed with shark teeth for a luxurious feel!

The very military green extends from the upper to the sole, and the use of golden brown tongue and transparent outsole adds a touch of highlights to the entire military green tone. The exclusive leather lace buckle is different from the past, but more in line with the color matching style of the sneakers. In terms of materials, of course, high-end leather materials that meet the price positioning, plus a shark tooth pattern shoe bag that pays tribute to the design inspiration and a specially designed special shoe box. In terms of configuration, the midsole is still the classic window air cushion, and the foot feel is quite satisfactory.

The brand new luxury leather shoes, the shoes are all black, both the luster and texture are very unique, and they have that noble and extraordinary temperament!

This pair of Air Jordan 5 Premium Pinnacle “Black” is also very special and delicate in terms of details. The details of the ribbed panel and the translucent outsole add too much to the overall shoe shape, and let you understand luxury from the senses. The ultimate, and pure black tones are also never tired of seeing.

  • Air Jordan 5 Premium

This pair of pure white Air Jordan 5 is made of pure white, embellished with a little gold, full of low-key luxury, and the high quality of leather is also at a glance. For unparalleled beauty.

How is it, do you like it?


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