12 constellations to see which luxury brand you represent?

01| Aries – KENZO

Aries, you often use alcohol to strengthen your courage, and you have serious secret fetishes. However, Aries are good-tempered, rectal, and say whatever they want. Immediately after making up his mind, he transformed into full power. Narcissistic and humble, optimist, there are different scenery everywhere!

KENZO must be an Aries at heart, and can’t hold back his restless heart. Every season of KENZO has a kind of performance of full strength, always able to send a hearty and handsome smile, full of style prints and patterns, often a beautiful landscape on the street.

The LVMH group acquired the KENZO brand in 1993 for $80,500,000. KENZO withdrew from the US market in 2003. At present, the men’s and women’s series of the brand are equally divided, and KENZO also has children’s clothing, furniture and glasses series. Including fragrances, KENZO’s merchandise retail sales reached $1 billion. LVMH has always been far-sighted. Pierre-Yves Roussel, chairman of the fashion department, said that the former creative director Antonio Marras “respects the tradition of the brand very much”, but they believe that KENZO needs more young elements and has introduced a young design team to create “more dynamic elements” , thus ushering in a new era.”

02 | Taurus – Hermès

Taurus is simply a small financial expert, gentle personality, sincere. Compared with challenging adventures, it is more suitable to choose Sunshine Avenue to live a stable life and integrate with the surrounding, so it will not make enemies. Turning over the old accounts, the first brand, the aesthetic philosophy of Taurus is very similar to that of Libra. Who made their guardian star Venus represent the Venus of love and beauty?

The constellation that best represents Taurus is Hermès! Hermès has been successfully operating for more than 100 years and has been firmly on the throne of the luxury goods empire. Hermès does not pretend, show off, emphasize or prove anything, and has always been at the forefront of classics. At the same time, she does not compromise or doubt. The presentation, every collocation is a powerful speech, silently telling you what is the beauty that the times really need to identify with. To move forward in a low profile, to transcend in silence is Hermès, which is Taurus.

If you think that the reason why Hermès is standing still is that it is born with aristocratic atmosphere? That would be too one-sided. Hermès is a brand with historical heritage and accumulation. They know that as an aristocratic brand, it must not only have excellent product quality, but also have excellent brand services. The most important thing is that Hermès is not only selling goods, but also Selling “time”. Just like Taurus, down to earth, maybe you would say that this is the tip of the horn, so what? That is Hermès, who strives for perfection, and this is Taurus.

03 | Gemini – Prada

“You can change your face in minutes, be arrogant, sullen, and sulky.” It’s Gemini. Geminis usually live in their own dimension, and they will ask you “why don’t you miss me?” while thinking “it’s good for me to be alone, the whole room is mine”. Mood changes every day and every second, 24 hours and 360 degrees at any time.

It’s not so much to say that it is changeable, it is better to say that it is pluralistic. To say that it is pluralistic, I have to mention Prada, the brand that every woman wants to own. “Devil” also spread Prada’s brand influence more widely. Prada started from a small brand specializing in the production of clothing accessories. Later, after Miuccia Prada took over, it launched women’s men’s clothing and a subsidiary line brand Miu Miu, and then later acquired Helmut Lang, Jil Sander and other brands to create a luxury group, Gemini The variability is evident.

And when it comes to business strategy, Prada is really out of the ordinary. Different from the brand value of other luxury goods that talk about history, craftsmanship and stories, Prada attaches the most importance to building its own industrial value chain. It is said that Prada’s financial report does not have fancy shading and pictures, but is more like a regular and comprehensive case analysis in business school textbooks. Such a brand that accurately grasps the essence of “fashion industrialization” is no wonder that it was in this period from 1994 to 2010. In just 16 years, sales have increased more than 10 times. Such a Gemini, which does not seem to be in the same dimension as other constellations, is also intoxicating to develop.

04 | Cancer – Bottega Veneta

It is said that Cancer is a constellation that can maintain two states of care and love at the same time. They have the stability and maturity of adults, and are also full of child-like purity and innocence. Humble, low-key, always working silently, unassuming, strong and forbearing. Of course, it is the representative of the out-and-out Yan control constellation, which is lust.

When it comes to low-key luxury brands, Bottega Veneta is the first to come to mind. And the heart of Cancer does not correspond, although Bottega Veneta looks low-key, but it is a brand with full craftsmanship and luxury. Although it is too young for a luxury brand to be founded less than 60 years ago, BV’s woven leather has become a brand memory that can be remembered at a glance like LV’s Monogram. Behind the low-key is advanced and luxurious craftsmanship, woven leather It makes the printing from flat to three-dimensional, and the quality is very high. In addition, Bottega Veneta is also one of the first brands to realize the de-logo of the brand, bringing the low profile of Cancer to the fullest.

Of course, as a Cancer, Bottega Veneta is also lustful, and it often invites artists from all walks of life to cross the border. The famous pop master Andy Warhol once shot a blockbuster for the brand. In addition, BV’s annual advertisements and videos invite artists and new photographers to shoot, showing the most beautiful posture in the collision with art.

05 | Leo – Louis Vuitton

The lion’s heart will definitely say, “The overbearing president is me”! That’s right, as the most domineering Leo as we all know, LV is very suitable for him!

To say that the most kingly temperament among luxury brands has to mention Louis Vuitton, the world’s largest luxury brand. Whether it’s transforming a dome-topped suitcase into a flat-top suitcase, or creating a monogram print that has been imitated on the street; whether it’s Marc Jacobs designing women’s clothing for the brand from scratch, or the brand’s Instagram direct during the 2015 Paris Spring/Summer Fashion Week Handing it over to the current designer Nicolas Ghesquière is a completely overbearing president!

In terms of brand strategy and brand market performance, Louis Vuitton is even more of the boss, and Leo is the right one! Tradition and innovation have always been issues of particular concern to the brand, and Louis Vuitton is so daring. Before waiting for competitors to challenge it, he subverted the most classic Monogram. In order to celebrate the brand’s 160th anniversary, Louis Vuitton launched the “Classic and Classic Disruptors: A Tribute to Monogram” project, invited six creative masters (Christian Louboutin, Cindy Sherman, Frank Gehry, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Newson, Rei Kawakubo) with top level in their respective fields to subvert and innovate the classic Monogram , breaking the boundaries between fashion, art, architecture and design products through cross-border. Domineering President, do you love it?

06 | Virgo – Valentino

Due to the characteristics of cleanliness, extreme demand for details, and poisonous tongues for everyone except themselves, Virgo has been hacked, and some people even predict that there will be only two constellations in the world after many years: Virgo and Anti-Virgo. Virgo’s various black spots are actually their advantages, the pursuit of details, the pursuit of perfection, and high requirements.

There is such a brand in the fashion industry, which has Virgo’s infinite pursuit of details. It even treats ready-to-wear series as haute couture series. It even makes similar Virgos who are almost perverted have to wear it. This is so beautiful, The ultimate luxury Valentino.

At the beginning of its establishment, Valentino was about to close down in the competition with various fashion stores in Rome. Its founder, Mr. Valentino, had been a poor tailor for 8 years. In 1965, Valentino was praised as “the most star-colored designer in Rome” by “WWD”, and in 1967, he won the “Oscar Award in the fashion industry” – Neiman Marcus Award. Since then, Valentino has become a legend in the history of fashion. The best representative of “made in Italy”.

Becoming a maker of social life in high society is an important brand strategy for Valentino’s success. Many first ladies of the United States, Spanish princesses, and Hollywood first-line actresses are all loyal customers of the brand. They have a lot of contacts with many ladies, celebrities, and celebrities. Valentino is like a Virgo. People who make clothes” blocked the mouths of the sunspots.

07 | Libra – CHANEL

Libra babies are said to be very temperamental, talk appropriately, and are excellent negotiators. Libra masters pursue a bright appearance, they are most afraid of loneliness, they have strong communication skills, and because of making friends, you can invisibly increase a lot of contacts, but sometimes it will also cause interpersonal troubles.

Libra’s endorsement brand is none other than CHANEL, “I want to be a part of the future”, Ms. Chanel said. This combination of ambition and vision has created CHANEL today. Since the beginning of the 20th century, CHANEL has continued to develop and inherit, and is synonymous with elegance. Like Libra, it is also synonymous with “noble and glamorous”.

Recently, the net worth of CHANEL boss announced by Bloomberg turned out to be more than double that announced by Forbes in March. The chairman of the investment bank also pointed out that CHANEL’s market value is at the top of the company, and it has risen so fast within a year. CHANEL’s business plan makes people very curious. The grandfather of the two bosses of CHANEL had a deep friendship with Ms. Chanel, who was very fond of making friends at the time, and not only established the perfume department for her, but also bought the CHANEL brand from her. The family is very low-key, and there is hardly any news about the CHANEL family. Perhaps it is this approach of seeking a balance between low-key and high-profile, which is the secret of CHANEL‘s success. It is not easy to find a sense of mystery in low-key and increase exposure in high-profile. It is not easy to balance the two.


08 | Scorpio – Alexander McQueen

Scorpio? Thousands of words can only be combined into one word – black belly. Maybe you think this is a derogatory term, but it is this trait that made Alexander McQueen. So far, when people mention skeletons, the name of Alexander McQueen must first appear in their minds. Yes, this is called “terrible urchin” and The eponymous brand of the genius designer of “British fashion hooligans”.

It subverts the traditional emphasis, the style is wild and uninhibited, and the unrestrained creativity is full of decisive modernity, which endows the brand with a long-lasting vitality. Although Lee took away the persistence and talent that belonged to him, he revived his soul through his clothes, and left us his never-fading works and otherworldly creativity, which are still worthy of our memory and life-to carry out the black belly to the end.

Alexander McQueen’s brand is that he can integrate his unique elements into all the products of the brand, from high-end to accessories, silk scarves, jewelry, all with their own unique skeleton, which not only quickly enhances the brand recognition It has also attracted a large number of hipsters. Even if you can’t have a sky-high price, you can buy silk scarves with skull elements on domestic and foreign websites, and the color of the skull will change every year with the trend of the season, the same What’s more, the skeleton has already been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Really full of Scorpio strength, that is, to be dark.

09 | Sagittarius – DIOR

Sagittarius is the most challenging spirit among the twelve constellations, and can rush into unknown territory like a sharp sword. It is also the constellation with the strongest action, the highest vision, the most open-minded, and the most confident to move towards the future. Sagittarius are free and energetic.

DIOR is really the most suitable. DIOR‘s New Look is like the magic bow and arrow in the hands of archers, breaking the taboo, and it is this arrow that challenges the entire fashion industry. DIOR not only hopes that women can wear the brand’s clothing, but also hope that they will be strong and brave because of it.

As of September 30, 2014, DIOR increased by 6.1% year-on-year to 7.799 billion euros, compared to 7.352 billion euros in the same period last year, with an organic growth rate of 4%. The CEO of DIOR Group stated that DIOR performed well in all markets and in all product areas. In leather goods, Lady Dior and Diorissimo models continued to sell well, and Be Dior was successfully launched. On the ready-to-wear side, the women’s pre-fall and autumn-winter collections, designed by Raf Simons, received overwhelming responses. In jewellery, most of the Archi Dior collections have already been sold. As John Galliano’s successor in DIOR, Raf Simons has opened a new chapter in DIOR with classic reappearances and new surprises every season since he took the helm. Archers, take your sharp arrows and cut through the night sky.

10 | Capricornus – Dolce & Gabbana

It is said that Capricornus is the constellation with the most workaholics. Most of them look cold on the outside, but they are full of drama on the inside. They must think about all the results in their hearts. If things don’t go according to their expectations, they will go crazy at any time. And Capricorn is a very pragmatic constellation. When everyone cares about whether you are flying high or not, they will tell you that people can’t fly.

When it comes to being cold on the outside and having a lot of drama on the inside, the first thing that comes to mind is Dolce&Gabbana. Dolce&Gabbana‘s typical Sicilian lady style or black widow style really looks extremely cold on the outside, but it is full of various dramas on the inside, and the brand’s control of details also deeply reflects Capricorn’s super-loving characteristics.

The two designers of Dolce&Gabbana were originally lovers. They broke up in 2007. Now they still live together and bring the brand to a better and better development track. They must be workaholic Capricorns! Many people don’t know Dolce&Gabbana, but they know its sub-line D&G, yes, D&G has been around since 19. Since its establishment in 1994, it has cultivated a large number of loyal consumers, and its brand awareness has even surpassed the main line, contributing more than 40% of the Dolce&Gabbana brand’s income. But in 2011, Dolce & Gabbana announced that they would give up D&G, and this news once caused an uproar. Do you think the Dolce&Gabbana brand is a fool? It is a Capricornus. On the surface, it is a cloudless atmosphere, but it is actually a decision made after various inner dramas and entanglements. Although this move will cause a drop in income in the short term, by cutting off the sub-line, Dolce&Gabbana can not only ensure the brand’s focus, but also prevent the sub-line from diluting the brand’s luxury, so it is a drama inside!

11 | Aquarius – Burberry

When it comes to Aquarius, it means that there are many friends around Aquarius who have been black all their lives. They think that Aquarius is the constellation with the most wonderful things. In fact, Aquarius is just as cold as ice and as hot as fire, just the kind of person who will say “if you think so, whatever you want” when you are in a rage. Bottles are innovators with a variety of ideas, good at change and willing to change, always surprising you.

Never thought that this is a summary of Burberry‘s development history, only you can’t think of it, what Burberry can’t do without being a water bottle: starting from a manufacturer of special clothing (military clothing and outdoor adventure clothing); Functionality can increase the fashion of clothing at the same time; it was founded in 1856 but began to be a luxury product in 1967, only 60 years; the brand’s most recognizable plaid is on the street, and the brand has become vulgar and lost its noble British blood; former CEO Angela Ahrendts and the current designer Director and CEO Christopher Bailey has made drastic reforms successively, not only cutting off those production lines full of plaids, but also making full use of the influence of the Internet to reshape the brand image.

Especially after Christopher Bailey took office as CEO, he began to vigorously develop the beauty and accessories product line that Burberry had tried but shelved several times before, and he also strengthened Burberry‘s strength in menswear. In addition, he has made bolder attempts at digitalization and even opened a flagship store on Tmall. In the “Luxury Digital Competition Map” released by BNP Paribas recently, Burberry ranked first. No more black bottles, bottles really work hard, you know?

12 | Pisces – CLINE

Pisces people are introverted and shy, with a strong artistic atmosphere. They are tender, romantic, and innocent. They have many dreamy ideas, but sometimes they seem unrealistic. They are tolerant to themselves and harsh to others. And you never know when Pisces will cry, they will always imagine all kinds of people and things in their hearts, not taking the initiative, not rejecting, not being responsible.

And CLINE has the same pursuit. Since its founding by Celine Vipiana in 1945, it has always been synonymous with excellent quality and refined fashion, emphasizing the fusion between clothing and women. Over the years, CLINE has continued to interpret elegance and create fashion for women. All CLINE items are “not easily bound”, allowing gorgeousness and freedom to coexist.

Earlier this year, CLINE’s London flagship store opened on Mount Street, kicking off LVMH’s latest round of global expansion. However, CLINE‘s specific sales figures have not been released by LVMH, and industry sources estimate that the brand’s annual revenue is about 500 million euros. The head of the brand said that the brand continued to grow at a double-digit rate and that the sales density was particularly high. CLINE is the spokesperson for Pisces, and under the appearance of advocating freedom, there is an ambition.

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