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The complete packaging of Prada sunglasses, a pair of UV resistant sunglasses! The leftover goods from the OEM container must explode! Sunglasses are also a man’s face, just like cars, so the front of the door must not be inferior. And a good pair of sunglasses won’t hurt your eyes! The packaging is all genuine and standard: Prada counter box, sunglasses box, glasses cloth.Real time video is a big deal!! Prada’s new men’s polarized box sunglasses for driving are ultra light and non pressure resistant, making them a must-have item for young men! It can be paired with couples, and you only know what a cost-effective counter is like when you meet it! Original and authentic!! Prada’s glasses don’t distinguish between facial shapes! You can handle any facial shape and don’t choose to match it, whether it’s fashionable fresh meat or otaku, this one looks great!! The concave design is a sharp tool with absolute value. The imported TR90 memory frame and legs are used, and the perfect combination of the lens and frame makes the entire pair of glasses very sturdy. Not prone to detachment! At the same time, the glasses frame adopts a variety of high-quality materials, plastic titanium, as the main material of the glasses frame, making it have multiple functions! Polaroid polarized lenses, universal sunglasses for couples! Outdoor UV protection is super strong! Color: Black