Patek Philippe Sky 5105 day month Geneva Sky collections


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The highest version of the -level replica Patek Philippe Sky 5102 day month Geneva Sky collections! The DG1 Starry Sky Watch has a unique astrological function. On the blue circle dial, you can enjoy the Geneva sky map, as well as the trajectory of the golden moon. The master craftsman spent more than 20 months using the imported 9015 modified Pearl Tuo, which has the same movement as the genuine product. The moon on the dial will be full according to the moon in the sky, and the situation of lunar eclipse and bending will automatically change. The front and back glass of the watch case adopts advanced technology to improve the refracted light of the glass, Make the dial appear more transparent without the feeling of glass, and adjust the head to the starry sky dial in the 5-character position. The shell cover is made of heavy metal and is deeply engraved with CNC imported molds, with a strong sense of concavity and convexity. Upgraded 24 hour rotation with a diameter of 43 millimeters in the starry sky.

Warm prompt: We will donate 2% of your payment to charitable organizations to help those in need. Including but not limited to environmental protection of the Earth, wildlife protection, education for children in underdeveloped areas, and helping impoverished areas overcome hunger.

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