What series does Air Jordan have? Is Air Force One belong to AJcollections?

First of all, naturally, it is necessary to popularize the source of the Nike Air Jordan series. Although many people know it, it is still a little popular science here. Air Jordan: This is the name specially launched by Nike for Jordan, not only to reflect the existence of technology and craftsmanship of shoes, but also to show Jordan’s playing style. It was the advertisement launched during Thanksgiving in 1984, which left many people behind. impressed. (The pictures are not all colors)


The Jordan generation is actually a pair of very legendary sneakers. After Air Jordan signed a contract with Nike, he withdrew from the sneakers named after him in 1985, so it was called the Jordan generation. The shoes have built-in AIR air cushion technology in the middle and low, which can bring better cushioning effect. There seems to be a lot of folktales about a more classic color matching ban. Also once banned by the NBA, the reason seems to be that the color should add a little white! This ban has helped Nike play a publicity role, and everyone is proud of owning a pair of NBA-banned sneakers, setting off a buying frenzy. The color matching of the first generation is also relatively good, and the first generation is the product that started the AJ era, which is more memorable.


This is the only style in the Jordan collection that doesn’t have a black colorway. It is said to have been designed in black at the time, but it was never produced. In terms of appearance, it has surpassed the design concept of the basketball shoes that pass the power. It can be said that it is one of the more precious models in the Jordan series. Due to the injury, the 85-86 season was the most incomplete season in Jordan’s career, and it was because of this that the second generation was given a special meaning and became precious. In the 1986-87 season, Jordan still wore the second generation. In that year, he not only won the dunk contest championship, but also scored 3.41 points this season, the third highest score in a single season in NBA history. The title of “Scoring Champion”. The color matching in the first year is a relatively popular color matching. North Carolina blue adopts the matching of North Carolina blue and black color matching, and uses a mix of frosted and snakeskin.

AJ2 North Carolina Blue


This style can be regarded as a cross-era step in the whole tin category, because it is a pair of shoes with exposed air cushion, and it is also the first pair of shoes to use the cripple logo. Since then, the logo of the flying man has become Jordan The logo of the brand, the reason why the three generations were very popular at the time was that Jordan wore these shoes to win the regular season MVP in the 87-88 season, and was selected for the NBA All-Defensive First Team for the first time, and also won the MVP in the All-Star Game. And won the championship of the slam dunk contest, let the trapeze series start brilliant.


It is called the first combination of leather and nylon. The addition of mesh material has greatly improved the extensibility, which has significantly improved the auxiliary role for athletes. This smallness can be said to have promoted the entire basketball shoe at that time. key to product development. Although more or less and a little shadow of the 3rd generation, the two new attempts added above are also just right. At that time, the medium-capacity exposed air cushion could be said to be the air cushion with the best shockproof effect at that time. At the same time, Air Jordan also won the honorary title of scoring champion for three consecutive years, and won the award for the most contribution to the team. It is also very suitable for daily wear.

Air Force One does not belong to AJ.

Air Force One’s full name is airforce, and AJ’s full name is airJordan, both of which are one of Nike’s series. Nike’s Air Force One was born in 1982. And Nike’s AJ sneakers were born in 1985, named after Jiao Dan. Although the two are the same Nike, but the difference is still very big.

The difference between Air Force One and AJ:

Different positioning: Air Force One is positioned as a casual sneaker. AJ is positioned in basketball shoes.

The history is different: the prototype of Air Force One is AJ1, and AJ is derived from af1.

Different color matching: The color matching of Air Force One is more of a classic white color matching, while AJ likes to use a three-color, four-color contrasting color design.

Air cushion difference: Air Force One adopts a single air cushion design, while AJ adopts a double air cushion design.

Price difference: AJ is priced more expensive than Air Force One.

About Air Force One:

Air Force One, footwear, was founded in 1982, from the United States, the foreign name Air Force 1, the six elements of the success of AF1: grand, durable, beyond, heroic, coherent and pure. The Air Force 1 isn’t just a shoe, it’s an experience, it’s a bridge that connects its birthplace to a culture. Product categories: sports shoes, sportswear, sports accessories. Founders: Bill Bowerman, Philip Knight.

AJ introduction:

Air Jordan is a sneaker brand authorized by the American NBA basketball superstar Michael Jordan under Nike and released to the public in 1985. AIR JORDAN basketball shoes are ahead of other products in terms of sales and market demand due to breakthrough design and innovation. Air Jordan XX is no longer a rare thing for most shoe fans. But the significance of the Air Jordan XX’s launch in 2005 should not be forgotten.


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