The YEEZY sneaker matching guide you want to see is here

As we all know, the marketing of the YEEZY series is undoubtedly successful, so that every pair of new shoes and new color matching of the YEEZY series will become the “headlines of the day” in major related media. All major trendsetters are rushing to start, stars and limited sales of “hunger marketing” are affected by these external factors, so that the premium of YEEZY “family members” has become an expected thing.

Have you ever encountered this situation:

Walking down the street wearing YEEZY 350V2

Meet a “fashioner”

When you look him from head to toe

At this point a terrible thing happened…

Crash shoes!

this moment

You may have the following questions in your mind

How could he dress YEEZY so dirty?

Shirts and pants don’t match YEEZY anywhere

Simply out of stock!

Look at this person, there is actually a girl following him!

Indeed, put aside the true and false sneakers first, there are often some great gods on the street who can demonize the “matching weapon”. Sometimes when the editor encounters such a superb product, he will inadvertently cast a questioning look at him, and then look down proudly. I glanced at the YEEZY under my feet, and my self-confidence emerged spontaneously.

So how does the YEEZY series look handsome?

Let’s take a look at the kiss of Kanye West, the owner of YEEZY.

In addition to Kanye West’s style of dressing, today O University recommends a “net celebrity” who is active on instagram. This handsome Asian guy named Kevin Ha perfectly explains how to control YEEZY. I have seen his ins After that, Big O felt that the pride just now disappeared in an instant.

Street Shoes “Little Bully” — adidas YEEZY 350V2

Let’s take a look at the 350V2, which is known as the “Street Shoe Bully”. I believe that many people’s first pair of “coconuts” started from the 350V2. You can think of it as an upgraded version of the YEEZY 350. The 350V2 has more The thick Primeknit material upper and Boost midsole cushioning technology, the rubber cover used in the outsole is softer than the original 350, and it is presented with translucent material, which is a significant improvement over the original 350.

Since the 350V2 has officially released more than ten color schemes, it has created a congenital advantage in choosing a matching scheme. If you own the 350V2 in all colors, you don’t need to choose obstacles, let alone have nowhere to start in terms of matching. I will teach you the easiest way to choose the overall matching according to the color of the upper and the color of the details.

for example:

If you start with gray orange, don’t hesitate, you can try to start with orange tops, paired with black or black pants, it is definitely a perfect match. The same is true for black red, black copper, black and green, etc. Look at the most eye-catching color of the upper, and turn it into your upper body color, so it is right to wear it!

“Million Dollar Household” — adidas YEEZY 750

Let’s take a look at the first pair of YEEZY shoes after Kanye jumped to adidas, adidas YEEZY 750. When it comes to this pair of shoes, I believe everyone’s general impression is: it is really beautiful, but poverty limits my perception of beauty…

Indeed, since the release of this pair of YEEZY 750 with a release price of 2000+, the topic of its “good-looking” has continued continuously. Some people think it is very beautiful, and some people think it is very ugly. There is no need to argue about this topic. Apart from its expensive value, if you own it, have you considered how it should be matched?

For the Yeezy 750, O’s suggestion is: friends with thick legs, short legs, and wide feet, please detour! This pair of shoes is only suitable for friends with long calves and Achilles tendon. Don’t look at Kanye’s upper body is a fat man now, but his legs are thin. As for the height, it doesn’t matter, it mainly depends on the body proportion.

If you happen to be able to control its figure, please try to choose the same color as the sneakers. Unlike the lightweight 350 series, the 750 is more or less in terms of styling design and shoe body materials. With reference to the design concept of high-end fashion, in addition to color matching, it is also the key to choose clothing of higher-grade materials for matching.

synonymous with retro sports

adidas YEEZY CALABASAS Powerphase

This CALABASAS series is different from the adidas YEEZY Season series. In this series, the fashion style of Nong Nong is perfectly replaced by the retro sports style common on the street. From the beginning, it launched a brand-new model based on adidas classic tennis shoes Powerphase. Adidas YEEZY CALABASAS Powerphase, this new pair of shoes affectionately called “coconut white shoes” by the Chinese, has once again become a topic of conversation with its extremely retro appearance and low-key way of sale.

Although the price of the first-to-market milky white is firm, the two pairs of gray and black are simply “high opening and low walking”, and now you can even start with less than a thousand yuan, which also makes it the cheapest YEEZY series.

Regarding the matching of this sneaker, it is recommended to choose a retro sports suit that is consistent with its style. As for the color, it doesn’t matter, there are all-match white to go into battle, what are you afraid of? But here is a warm reminder, this sneaker is seriously thin, so the size may be smaller. In addition, the white version is milky white and off-white in kind, slightly yellowish, but the selected leather is very soft and comfortable on the feet.

The return of “touring shoes”

adidas YEEZY 700

Even though it has been mysteriously released twice abroad and has not even been released in China, the reputation of this pair of YEEZY 700 has long been “well-known at home and abroad”. With the retro appearance of today’s most popular “daddy shoes” and the gimmick of the built-in Boost cushioning technology in the midsole, the YEEZY 700 has long been coveted by many friends.

In the 1990s, Chinese people had a particularly down-to-earth name for this kind of sports shoes, that is, “travel shoes”. As the name suggests, in the days when cloth shoes and leather shoes were still worn for daily commuting, sports shoes seemed to be worn only when traveling, so retro jogging shoes, tennis shoes, etc. were also classified into the category of “travel shoes”. YEEZY 700 is indeed very retro, whether it is the material or the multi-color stitching design of the shoe body, as for its matching, you can refer to the Powerphase above, sportswear is its only choice, and this year’s particularly popular “formal” style is also It can be used as a fresh attempt. This year, many brands have also used this YEEZY 700 in their catalogs. Interested friends can take a look at the new catalogs of FLAM and MODITEC, which are perfectly matched.

Short Legs Nightmare

adidas YEEZY 950 & Season Boots

boots! Short Legs Nightmare

Military style boots! Short Leg Nightmare Plus…

Believe me, in the entire YEEZY series, only the 950 and the various YEEZY Boots released in the later YEEZY Season 2, 3, 4, and 5 received very little attention after their listing, and even the 950 once became a frequent visitor to the discount zone, really , Maxluxes has seen the 950 that only sold less than 2k was sold. This is directly related to its ultra-high upper and design that transcends public aesthetics. Difficult to match has become synonymous with the YEEZY Boots series. The Kevin Ha little brother we introduced today is a successful case. If you have a body similar to his, you may wish to try this style of matching.

Having said so much, I believe that you must have some inspiration for the YEEZY series in your heart. In fact, for the matching of clothing and sneakers, as long as you pay attention, watch more, and think more, everyone can create a handsome look. I don’t mind copying some stars as a dressing template, and it is not even recommended to use expensive items to pretend to be noble. The focus is on details and essentials, and more importantly, find a style of dressing that truly belongs to your body. I believe you can become a” The trendy icon in the circle of friends.


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