PSG x AJ5 is coming! Graffiti Artist Collaboration Nike SB Dunk Coming Soon!

PSG x Air Jordan 5 Low

The news of this cooperation has been out for half a year! This is also the first time to usher in the exposure of physical images. The low-top shoes of Air Jordan 5 are used as the blueprint. Judging from the exposed physical images, the shoes use Pumice, Game Royal, Black and Plum Eclipse as the color scheme. Intended to pay homage to their 22/23 jersey. It is reported that this PSG x Air Jordan 5 Low will be officially released in July. Friends who like it, please continue to pay attention.

    Nike Air Force 1 “World Champ”

    A brand new Air Force 1 official image is released. The body of the shoe is generally presented in black as the main color, with a white midsole to create a versatile atmosphere. The inner lining is rarely designed in purple, and is matched with the tongue and shoelace buckle. The golden design of the golden belt is quite a bit like the Zijin Lakers! After the official picture is exposed, I believe it will be officially released soon, and friends who like it, please continue to pay attention.

    Air Jordan 12 “Hyper Royal”

    The foreign sneaker exposure platform has brought a new pair of Air Jordan 12 renderings. It can be seen that the shoe is presented in blue and black as the main color. The whole shoe is made of leather material and uses high-quality lychee leather. The specifications are still consistent. high. At present, the specific release date of the shoes has not been revealed. I believe that there will be some differences between the real object and the rendering. Friends who like it, please continue to pay attention.

    FAUST x Nike SB Dunk High

    New York graffiti artist teamed up with Nike SB to launch a brand new SB Dunk High shoe. Although the shoe body seems to be all black, it actually contains a lot of details! It is made of leather and short suede, and the inner lining is also designed with leather. The shoelaces interwoven with gold and black also greatly increase the look of the whole shoe. The shoelace head is made of metal material and has the words “froSkate”. So this paragraph is also very likely to be a three-party joint name! More information is still waiting for the next exposure! Dear friends, please continue to pay attention.

    Mark Gonzales x adidas Ultra Boost “Shmoo”

    The two sides work together again. This time, the ultra-popular Ultra Boost is used as the blueprint. The shoes are made in dark colors such as gray and black, and incorporates a camouflage effect design, which has a military style. It is reported that the shoes will be. It will be officially released on May 5th, and friends who like it can lock it in advance!


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