“Hermes” in the Moncler down jacket industry, why is it so popular?

As we all know, there are two giants in the down jacket industry – Moncler and Canada Goose.

Moncler is known as the “Emperor of Feather”, and Canada Goose is known as the “King of Down Jackets”.

Both have a very high status in the down jacket industry and are often used as battle objects.

Most of Canada Goose‘s styles are $2000 per piece, which is less than half of Moncler‘s price.

Many styles of Moncler are as high as tens of thousands dollars, and they are called “Hermes” in the down jacket industry.

Why is a down jacket so expensive and so popular? Let’s briefly analyze~

First, the warmth of the Moncler down jacket

To measure the warmth retention of a down jacket, it is generally judged from the three aspects of filling, down content and bulkiness.

The advantage of Moncler’s down jacket is that it has turned these three standards for measuring the quality of down jackets into its own strengths.

Moncler’s production requirements for down jackets are very strict.

All down jackets are required to be filled with goose down, and it is also a very precious “four pieces of Canada goose down jacket“, and its down content is “90% down, 10% feather” as the standard.

The filling and down content of the down jacket determine its bulkiness and warmth.

Under such strict standards, it is guaranteed that the hooded down jacket is warm and light to wear, and does not look particularly large and bloated, which affects the overall beauty.

In contrast, Canada goose are slightly inferior.

The fillings used by Canada Goose are mainly duck down, with only a small amount of goose down, which is not as warm as Moncler, and it is bulky and fat to wear.

Second, the fashion degree of Moncler down jacket

Many people are reluctant to wear down jackets because down jackets are too boring and lack fashion.

On the other hand, MONCLER broke the routine, played new tricks, injected more fashionable elements into down jackets, and launched cooperation series with many talented designers, so that you can see the other side of down jackets.

Moncler JW Anderson

Through bright contrasting colors, as well as irregular tailoring and concave and convex design, JW Anderson’s design concept is shown. The bright tones add a beautiful presence to the cold winter, and the bumpy tailoring shows a wild and uninhibited fashionable tone.

Moncler Craig Green

Craig Green turned the 2D form of the down jacket into a 3D installation art, with a bold and avant-garde design style, redefining the alternative fashion of down jackets.

Although this type of clothing does not have “practical wearability”, it also breaks the conventional concept of down jackets and has more novel features.

Moncler Fragment

The well-known Japanese trend godfather Fujiwara Hiroshi, the joint cooperation with Moncler, also created a new fashion field for down jackets.

Incorporating retro, military uniforms, tooling, and street elements into the DNA of Mongolian down jackets has produced a different chemical reaction.

The large area of printing elements brings a simple and individual winter to the boys, making down jackets a trendy item.

In addition, Hiroshi Fujiwara also brought the inspiration of Tang suits into the down jacket, not only seeing the Chinese elements with oriental characteristics, but also showing the fashion diversification of modern cities, retro and fashionable.

Of course, Moncler has also launched joint series with many well-known designer brands, all of which are very distinctive.

According to the preferences and needs of different people, a variety of down jacket items have been launched. Its success is not accidental, but breakthroughs.

The third, the star effect of Moncler down jacket

The reason why Moncler down jackets can achieve today’s proud results, in addition to the “strength”, is due to the stars who wear Moncler down jackets. After all, the stars’ carrying power has driven the entire fashion trend.

In addition to wearing Canada Goose, Ma Yun also has a soft spot for Moncler.

For two consecutive years, the Internet conferences have appeared in Moncler down jackets, and the strength has brought goods!

Although Moncler down jackets are expensive, after all, “you get what you pay for”. In terms of strength, fashion and star popularity, its success is by no means accidental. It is indeed the “Hermes” in the down jacket industry~


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