Ambush dunk Chicago, lightning color spy photos

On New Year’s Eve some time ago, Wu wore this pair of AMBUSH x Nike Dunk Hi black and white shoes. Overnight, the price of the shoes also skyrocketed a lot. Recently, the manager Yoon Ahn personally put on a pair of shoes. The co-branded shoes of Chicago color matching, and the lightning color matching still broke out, the editor is still looking forward to seeing the real thing, let’s take a look below.

Ambush dunk chicago, lightning color spy photos

Recently, Yoon Ahn, the director of AMBUSH, personally put on a “Chicago” color matching Ambush x Nike Dunk High!

The shoe shape still uses the previous high-top shape, and the classic Chicago color matching OG is full of flavor. The exaggerated black Swoosh and the upper bring a very strong visual contrast, which is very eye-catching.

The yellow exposed sponge tongue is embellished with the word AMBUSH, which highlights the joint identity and brings a touch of retro temperament.

And following the “Chicago” color matching, it was revealed that the Ambush co-branded Dunk High version in the “Deep Royal” color matching will be released this spring and summer. The physical object has not been exposed.

At present, if the Chicago color matching is concerned, the manager responded in the post that it will not be available in the market, but it is very possible to change his mind after getting a lot of feedback, and the lightning color matching is still very likely to be commercially available. Two pairs of classic Color, which one are you looking forward to more?

Is the ambush dunk partial?

The size of the ambush dunk is too large. It is recommended to be half a size smaller. I usually wear 38.5. This pair of 38.5 is a bit big for me. You still need to pay attention when buying it.

The shoes are still worth buying. The big hooks are very handsome when enlarged. The actual shoes look better than the pictures. It feels really fragrant when you get them in your hand. You can think about it if you like.

How much will ambush dunk go up, price trends

This first launch of ambush dunk has a total volume of 6,000. Everyone should buy it early and enjoy it. I remember that on the second night after Ambush was released, it seemed that someone was quietly scanning the goods. The next morning, the Ambush co-branded dunk black and white price increased from 2800 to 3200.

After Wu stepped on his feet on New Year’s Eve, the price of shoes went up again. Now the price difference is 3700 to 5500. If it is self-wearing, the editor recommends to wait. Now there are many good opportunities to start.

Dunk gray red out of the box evaluation is the dunk gray red partial size?

Recently, the release of OW x Nike Dunk SB gray and red has attracted the attention of many shoe fans, and many friends have been looking forward to this color matching for a long time! Recently, this color matching finally came out, so what about the dunk gray-red color matching Nike released this time? Let Xiaobian lead you to take a look at the unboxing evaluation below!

Dunk gray red out of the box evaluation

This new color matching shoe body is mainly red and gray. This color matching theme is exactly the same as the first year of 1985, and successfully reproduced the campus color matching of the University of Nevada Las Vegas!

Dunk gray red out of the box evaluation is the dunk gray red partial size?

This color scheme is definitely quite a classic existence, but this time the dunk high is changed to the Dunk Low low. But the relative price is also more affordable!

The gray-red color scheme of this dunk that I started this time is quite worth starting, and the details of the workmanship are quite good.

It can be called a civilian version of the OFF-WHITE joint name. Overall, I am quite satisfied!

Dunk gray red partial code?

The dunk gray red is a bit small, you can choose a larger size when you buy it. When buying dunk series shoes, the first thing to consider is the wrapping of the shoes. Generally speaking, the size of dunk series shoes will be a little too small. If you buy a normal size, you may just have no free space. It may be more comfortable to buy a half size larger.

How does Dunk feel with gray and red feet?

The dunk gray-red color scheme has a general foot feel. Compared with the AJ1, the dunk gray-red foot feels a little bit better. The feet of AJ1 are as hard as bricks, and although the feet of the dunk are relatively hard, they are not yet to this extent. If you feel that the dunk gray-red feet are not very comfortable, you can buy insoles with more comfortable feet, which will make your feet more comfortable.


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