3 reasons why junior high school students wear high imitation “AJ”

Hello friends, Maxluxes meets you again. What Maxluxes is sharing with you today is about AJ. I don’t know since when, wearing Air Jordan has become quite fashionable. But because the price of this kind of shoes is relatively high, not everyone will buy it. So do you know why the classmates who wore AJ in junior high school, let’s take a look together.

The first is the love of face, and students of all ages seem to do some face projects. Sometimes they may not like this kind of shoes, but when they see others have them, they want it. However, because of the price, you can only buy replicas.

Then I like the shoes, but can’t afford them. This kind of student really likes the plate style or other details of this shoe, but because of the price, it can only be discouraged. Looking at it again, it seems that some high imitations also have these characteristics, so I choose replica. The price is also more reasonable.

Finally, there is the psychology of comparison. We can see this phenomenon in political textbooks. It belongs to the most normal thought but needs to be resisted. Because seeing others have it, I also want it. However, the conditions at home do not allow it, and it is still possible to mix the fake with the real. If you have anything to add, please leave a message below~


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